Day & Night Roller Blinds

The Double Roller blinds merges features of a traditional roller blind with the benefits of a venetian, giving you more control of the light and privacy in your home. With the multi-functional system, one blind combines two fabrics to easily switch from day to night mode depending on your mood. Illuminating day and darker black-out fabrics, practically incorporated. From bright colors to neutral tones as from fashionable patterns to renewed classical designs, the Double Roller blinds consist of a comprehensive collection which suits every interior.

  • Combine different fabrics in one blind (i.e. black-out and transparent)
  • Elegant asymmetrical version with minimal light gap between fabric layers
  • Symmetrical version for larger blinds and installation on the recess
day night roller blinds

Multi Colours Fabrics

Block out / Screen Blinds

Manual / Automated

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Double Roller Blinds Colours

YAMAR ROLLER BLINDS PVC : Cream., Ivory, Dune, Light Grey,  Grey, White, New Caramel,  Charcoal,  Dove Grey



SUNSCREEN: White, Beige, Soft Steel, Charcoal Dark Bronze,  Charcoal, Chalk, Ivory

SCREEN ESSENTIALS: Coulisse screen charcoal Iron Grey, Coulisse Screen Soft Grey, Coulisse Screen Ebony



Coulisse screen linen 5% Shifting Sand, Coulisse screen 5% linen Moon Mist, Coulisse screen linen 5% Frost, Coulisse screen linen 5% Raven




Technical Information

Day & Night Roller Blinds / DOUBLE ROLLER BLINDS

  • Roller blinds are used for shading or total sun block, depending on what desired effect is required. There is a range of fabrics from light almost transparent fabrics to the total block out fabric.
  • The blind operates from an aluminium tube (32mm / 38mm) with a modern chain operated side control which allows for easy operation.
  • Roller blinds need to be guided by hand when being rolled up so as to prevent the fabric from rolling up skew and touching the brackets which will cause fraying or creasing. Installing the blind absolutely level will help the blind to roll up straight.
  • Although block out fabric blocks sunlight out completely, light will still filter in on the sides of the blind.
  • There will be a 25mm gap on the side of the control and a 10mm gap on the opposite side.
  • Two roller blinds in one window may be installed with one centre bracket thus allowing a smaller gap between blinds smaller.
  • Most roller fabrics are just over 2.0m wide. Should a blind be ordered wider than the width of fabric, the fabric will have to be turned in order to get the required width of the blind. As the fabric has a memory of how it should be rolled up, this may cause the fabric to curl on the edges. Turning of the fabric for wider blinds is done at clients own risk.
  • When ordering reveal or face fix rollers, the size given will be taken as a pin to pin size unless otherwise stated.
  • Should the blinds be damaged due to incorrect installation or improper handling of the blinds, these will not be replaced. Before lodging complaints, please make sure that the blind is installed absolutely level