These types of awnings are very versatile and can be adjusted to suit the angle of the sun. They are particularly useful for early morning or late afternoon shading.

They are well suited for windows, doors, and archways, providing comfortable indoor conditions in the heat of summer and also protecting carpets and furnishings from the harsh sun’s rays.

The protective cover profile or cassette protects the fabric against rain, dirt and dew when installed in exposed positions. The awnings are equipped with arms, giving good tension on fabric, even in windy conditions. Control is by means of a gear and crank or electrically

Fall Arm Awnings
Technical Information

Fall arm awnings

Fall arm awnings are designed to provide shade protection throughout the day by adjusting the pitch of the arm (from 0 to 180 degrees). Perfect for shading windows and patio areas, fall arms are both aesthetically pleasing whilst easy to operate.

We offer a variety of accessories for our fall arm awnings including protective cassettes or pelmets, powder coating frames and motorisation options.